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Oyster  /  Mussel  /  Sardine Fillet  /  Mackerel Fillet  /  Smoked Garlic Octopus
Geoduck Clam  /  Yellowfin Tuna   /  Venus Clam   /  Loin Smoked Yellowfin Tuna

Our smoked products are always developed ​​from top qualityand fresh specimens, received weekly from their point of origin.

Our smoking process maintains a perfect balance between technology and craftsmanship.
The smoking technique uses a combination of fine woods and herbsin an intentionally slowmanner acquiring a delicate flavor and texture.

Finally, the strictest quality controlsare applied in each of these phases of the process supported by a comprehensive system of traceability.

This makes oursmoked line of Baja Cavala the highest quality reference and leading brand in the modern distribution channel of Baja California.